30 June - 2 July
Singureni, 30 km away from Bucharest
• 30 June •

Suie Paparude
Dirty Shirt
Dorian Popa

Midnight After Party with

Bogdan DLP
• 1 July •

Dubioza Kolektiv
Sasha Lopez &
Misha Miller
The Motans

Midnight After Party with

• 2 July •


1st of July

aerian show with acrobatics and parachuting supported by Aeroclubul Roman

The music of life,
nature and traditions.



SingFest was born from the love of nature, good vibes and amazing music.

We’re promoting musical acts that start from traditions but find ways to take them further. SingFest is the place of beauty, of evolution and pure entertainment.

For a better tomorrow.

Festival Map

Dubioza Kolektiv
Șuie Paparude
The Motans
Misha Miller
Sasha Lopez
Dirty Shirt
Dorian Popa
Bogdan DLP
Symbol of Light
Food Trucks

Departure to SingFest 30 June – 2 July

Departure point Departure time Arrival time Arrival point
Horoscop 16:00 17:05 Singureni
Horoscop 17:00 18:05 Singureni
Horoscop 18:05 19:10 Singureni
Horoscop 19:05 20:10 Singureni

Departure to Bucharest 30 June – 2 July

Departure point Departure time Arrival time Arrival point
Singureni 23:30 00:30 Horoscop
Singureni 00:00 01:00 Horoscop
Singureni 00:30 01:30 Horoscop
Singureni 01:00 02:00 Horoscop
Singureni, 30 km away from Bucharest.
Details will follow


How to buy tickets?

Tickets can be bought online, using one of our partners websites:

or at the location of the festival.

What are the ticket types?

Participants can opt for several types of tickets, respectively:

  • General Access subscription (subscription for the entire duration of the Festival), having a price of 160 lei only in the pre-sale period (March 15 – March 31);
  • General Access subscription (subscription for the entire duration of the Festival), with a price of 270 lei starting from 04/01/2023;
  • We will update soon the price for General Access Subscription (subscription for the entire duration of the festival), if the subscription is purchased at the door;
  • Access for each individual day, starting from 01.04.2023, with a price of 100 lei, in case of online purchase.

We will update soon the price for Access for each individual day if the subscription is purchased at the door;

  • Tent camping fee (only includes the camping space);
  • Tent camping fee + tent (includes the camping space and the rental of a tent for the 3 days of the festival).
I bought a ticket, how do I get it?

Once you have purchased a ticket, it will be sent to your e-mail address. Then, you can print it and bring it to the festival, or you can show us directly the PDF file on your smartphone.

Do children need tickets?

Minors up to the age of 7 have free access throughout the duration of the Festival, provided that they are accompanied by a parent/guardian holding a valid subscription/ticket.

Access to the Festival premises of minors under the age of 14 is allowed only if they are accompanied by a parent or person exercising parental authority (guardian). A parent/a person exercising parental authority (guardian) can accompany a maximum of 4 minors.

We recommend that children under the age of 4 use noise-cancelling headphones.

What should I do if I buy an invalid ticket?

If a ticket is invalid, please contact the ticket seller.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

If you lose your ticket, please contact the ticket seller.

What if I forget my ticket?

If you forget your ticket you will not be able to enter the festival, so we advise you to be careful and not forget it.

Can I send a ticket as a gift to someone?

Yes. The ticket can be transferred, as it is not nominal, i.e. the name of the person who purchased it is not on the ticket.

Can I sell my ticket?

The sale of tickets by anyone other than our collaborators is strictly prohibited.

Is my name on the ticket?

No, your name is not on the ticket.

Should I bring some identification document to the festival?

According to the Romanian Law, everybody is required to have an ID card, so every participant must have one, in order to verify their age.

Can I cancel or return the ticket?

Cancelling a purchased ticket and money refund is not possible.

Can I get there by car?

Yes, you can get there by car, the address is: DJ411 397, Singureni, Giurgiu County.

Where can I park and how much does parking cost?

A parking space near the festival can accommodate approximately 1200 cars. Regarding the parking payment, we will return with information as soon as we have the details.

Where can I take the bus and how much does it cost?

You can take the bus from RATB Horoscop station. Regarding the price of the tickets, we will come back as soon as we have information about the price.

Festival area
Can I film or take photos?

You have the right to film and photograph in the general access areas. However, you must use the material only for your personal viewing. Any distribution of the materials to the public, whether it be for free or for monetary compensation is prohibited.

Can I bring personal drones to film with during the festival?

No, all drones are forbidden.

Can I drink alcohol?

Yes, you can if you are over 18.

Can I set a fire?

Inside the campsite and in the rest of the event area the use of fire by all means (spatial heating fires, the atmosphere or any other open fire) and flammable materials are strictly forbidden.

What about the Security?

Across the festival grounds, we provide security through a qualified partner accredited accordingly. During the event, you need to co-operate, within the framework of legal regulations, with these partners, and to follow their instructions in case of emergency.

In the case of a violent incident or the endangerment of the bodily integrity of others, security staff may decide to evacuate the people involved in the incident from the event’s premises.

Can I bring cigarettes?

Yes, you can. Being an open outdoor space, smoking is allowed on the festival grounds. The only exceptions are the indoor spaces of the festival where smoking is strictly forbidden.

How do I enter the festival?

Entry is granted only through specially designated areas. Before entry you need to follow these steps:

  • Swap your ticket for a wristband at our entrance stand.
  • Scan your wristband.

You need to carry identification.

Can I bring food or beverages with me?

It is not allowed to bring food and beverages inside the festival, except in cases where it can be proven with medical documents that you suffer from a condition that makes it necessary to bring those products inside the festival.

Can enter the event grounds by car?

No. Entering the festival grounds with any vehicle is prohibited. You will be able to leave your car in our parking spaces.

Can I bring pets?

Sadly, given the noise at the festival, it’s not allowed to bring pets.

What can I do if I lose something?

Try checking our Lost & Found. If you left the festival grounds, you will be able to check the found items here.

What can I do if I find something that is lost?

Bring it to our Lost & Found and we will try to find its owner.

Where is the camping situated?

This year we gave up the camping option.

There will be first aid stations?

Some aid stations will be available at different points of the festival.

How will I be able to make payments?

Payment at the festival will be made exclusively through the Festipay Card.